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Linking Wellness: How Link Alliance is Prioritizing Employee Wellbeing

In New Zealand's fast-paced work culture, training employees about how to care for their wellbeing has become an important focus for most companies. Great companies who prioritise employee wellbeing tend to have higher employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.

One of these New Zealand businesses who are leading the way with wellbeing training for their people is The Link Alliance. For those who don't know, The Link Alliance is a consortium of six reputable companies delivering large-scale infrastructure projects, both locally and internationally. These companies include City Rail Link Ltd (CRLL), Vinci Construction Grands Projets S.A.S, Downer NZ Ltd, Soletanche Bachy International NZ Limited, WSP New Zealand Limited, AECOM New Zealand Limited, and Tonkin + Taylor Limited.

As part of their commitment to the wellbeing of their staff, The Link Alliance has partnered with

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited and Zeducation to deliver Project Ikuna workplace training programs to their staff in 2023. Over 120+ staff members are set to benefit from these workplace training programs, which will enhance their wellbeing and improve their overall productivity.

The wellbeing training program delivered by Zeducation has been a great success so far, with Link Alliance staff members reporting positive outcomes as they learn practical ways of managing stress, improving wellbeing through nutrition and movement, and setting personal goals.

One of these New Zealand businesses who are leading the way with wellbeing training for their people is The Link Alliance.

So far in the wellbeing training programme, some of the key learnings and feedback from students include....

"I need to look at things from someone else's perspective when I'm stressed."

"Key highlights for me is learning breathing techniques and meditating to manage my emotions."

"I am learning when to switch on and off from work when I'm at home."

"Using the tools relating to the flight, fright and freeze model."

Investing in employee wellbeing can have a tremendous positive impact on both staff members and the overall success of the business. The wellbeing training programs delivered by Zeducation have have proven to be very effective, already helping Link Alliance staff members to improve their personal wellbeing and work towards their goals.

As businesses continue to navigate an ever-changing work environment, prioritising employee wellbeing is more important than ever. By investing in wellbeing programs, businesses can create a positive work culture, boost employee engagement, and ultimately improve productivity.


Reach out to Zeducation to learn more about how to prioritize wellbeing in your workplace.

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