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Let us help you design quality training programmes

Design life-changing programmes


Imagine education as a positive transformational journey, where each step engages and empowers your learners towards greatness. That's the magic of instructional design. Zeducation specialises in designing custom training programmes or content that puts the human at the center while enhancing understanding, retention, and practical skills.

Zeducation's ability to be innovative and forward-thinking, will help you develop engaging and relevant resources that fit your needs for internal training. These resources become yours to own and use. We can also up skill your trainers or instructors so that they can scale and deliver your internal training.

Our instructional design process

At Zeducation, our instructional design process thrives on two key principles:

  1. Learner at the Core: We place the learner at the center of our instructional design process by understanding their needs and motivations. We then ensure that the training content is not only relevant but also results in tangible and meaningful impact.

  2. Clear Learning Objectives: We collaborate closely with our clients to define the learning goals and expectations upfront, crafting the learning journey with a clear aim in mind.

Guided by these principles, we embrace the science of the Addie Model to shape our learning programs:


Our instructional design experience

Zeducation has proudly crafted programs for a wide spectrum of clients, embracing unique needs spanning diverse cultures and languages. From nurturing entry-level talents to empowering senior management, our designs cater to all levels.

Our portfolio includes programs that groom emerging leaders with essential management skills and finely-tailored initiatives focusing on specialized skill enhancement. We possess the capability to develop programs from the ground up or leverage our existing content as a solid base.

Our footprint spans various industries in both public and private domains. We've successfully curated programs for the following sectors:

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