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3X Tips: Grow Sales with Certainty

Logan Wedgwood is a well sort after sales guru who helps businesses in 3 key areas: Business strategy and execution, Marketing and sales, and General problem solving. He is also the author of the book Grow 3X.

The following tips from his book Grow 3X, will provide you with some bite size insights into how you can develop or grow your business and grow yourself personally.

1. Be Honest

The journey of mastering sales begins with self-assessment. Winning requires you to take an honest look at yourself to identify challenges that are holding you back from achieving greater success and then strategically and proactively solving them.

Here are some self-assessment questions to ask yourself and your team:

  • Do we have a clear and compelling sales strategy?

  • Are we happy with our performance?

  • Do we believe in what we are selling?

  • Are we willing to improve?

  • Do we have the best team possible?

Answer each question with an honest 'yes' or 'no'. Your answer can not be a 'maybe' or 'kind of' as "there is no room for maybes in business." If these questions did not reveal any issues in your business, then congratulations! However, don't worry if you answered 'no' to multiple questions because any 'no' is a great starting point to prevailing against any enemy of growth.

2. Prioritise and Focus

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed when we look at our task list, which can put people under pressure and cause stress. One way to manage a situation like this is to 'prioritise and focus'. Don't over complicate your task list. Instead, each day, prioritise and focus on only three (3) tasks that will give you the best chance of growing your sales. This could be contracting new prospects, following up on quotes or invoices, or re-igniting old leads or customers.

The following is a simple but valuable tip of increasing your focus while easing the pressure you are under:

  1. Write down the three most important actions you need to accomplish tomorrow to grow your business.

  2. Prioritise them in order of importance.

  3. Then, when you begin your day, start with the number one task first.

If you are uncertain about what your highest priorities are, then refer to the yes/no questions in the previous point, and create tasks into your list that will help you solve one (or more) of those issues.

3. Reframe Your Fear into Fuel

One of the roadblocks that prevent us from reaching growth and success is fear. One way to diagnose whether you have fear that prevents you from making sales is to pick up a phone and cold-call a new prospect. If you feel hesitation, a feeling in the pit of your stomach, or mouth goes dry with the need to swallow or clear your throat before talking, then it is likely that you have some level of fear.

Don't worry, the following simple 4 step-process can help you face your fear and use it as a tool that leads to positive and constructive action.

  1. Reframe your fear and perceive it as excitement: remind yourself that this feeling isn't nerves but adrenaline. Your heart is beating faster because you are excited! Or because you care.

  2. Take the first step: don't wait for the perfect time.

  3. Put one foot in front of the other. Keep doing the work!

  4. Divide your goals into small chunks, so yo can create small successes along the way that motivate you and keep you moving forward.

Remember that the first secret to controlling your fear is to first, change your perspective. Wedgwood shared an example where he would reframe his fear and nervousness before a sales meeting to convince himself that he obviously cared about the outcome. By doing this, he was able to convert his fear and nervousness into a positive force for action.


All content was summarised and referenced from the book 'Grow 3X: Increase your sales with certainty - by Logan Wedgwood'. To purchase the book, go to or click on this link



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