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Why You Need To Smile More

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

New York Broker, Mr William B. Steinhardt used to be a grouchy man who had been married for over eighteen years and in all that time, he rarely smiled at his wife and spoke two dozen words to her from the time he got up to when he left for work. He claimed to be one of the worst grouches that ever walked Broadway.

One day, Steinhardt decided to to make a change in his attitude by conducting an experiment. He challenged himself to simply smile more and to see what kind of impact it would make in his life. He would begin his days by looking in the mirror and giving himself pep talks "Bill, you are going to wipe the scowl off that sour puss of yours today. You are going to smile. And you are going to begin right now."

Steinhardt carried his smile from the mirror to the kitchen where he shocked and bewildered his wife one morning as he sat down for breakfast and greeted her with a smile, while saying, "Good morning my dear". Steinhard soon realised that over time and with consistency, his smile and positive attitude had brought more happiness into their home in two months since he started, than all of the previous year!"

From then on, smiling was a religion for Steinhardt as he greeted and smiled at everyone daily, beginning from his wife, then the elevator operator, the doorman, and even the cashier in the subway booth when he asked for change. Steinhardt would even stand on the floor of the Stock Exchange and smile at people who until recently never saw him smile and soon found that everybody was smiling back at him. In fact, he even discovered that treating customer complaints or grievances in a cheerful manner made it alot easier. In short, his smiles and positive attitude was making him a richer and happier man.

Just like Stenhardt's real life experiment, smiling on purpose is an easy way to boost your mood, feel better, and imporve your relationships within your family, among work peers and even with customers (which is good for any business).

According to Inspiyr, the other benefits of smiling with purpose helps to reduce stress and anxiety, strengthens your immune system, and makes you appear trust worthy and approachable. In addition, a group of researchers from the University of Montpellier discovered that smiling is a more effective technique than having great management responsiblities.



Remind yourself to smile

Remind and recommit yourself each morning to smile at everyone.

Smile and happiness starts in the home

Try not to leave the house without smiling and greeting your family properly

Fake it till you make it

Your smile should be genuine but sometimes we are just not in the mood. However studies have proved that your body can influence your emotion. So smile because eventually you will become more positive and genuinely happy.

Just smile

A smile is contagious and can help those who are having a rough day.



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