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Becoming a Better Leader - Caroline Haku

One of our tauira (students), Caroline Haku works for Ventia which is one of the largest essential services providers in Australia and New Zealand. We interviewed her to find out what she is learning in the Leadership course and how it has actually helped her become a better leader.

What do you do for mahi?

"I am a Service Delivery Manager at Ventia and at the moment, because it's Winter, I have a team of 47 people. However in the Summer, the team grows to about 72 people."

Why did you choose to study leadership?

"There are gaps in my knowledge when it comes to leadership and so I wanted to find some tools to help me in a role that I am now. The other reason is because I just love learning and filling my Kete with knowledge."

What have you enjoyed most about being in the leadership programme?

"I like the leadership strategies, tools and recommended leadership books because it has helped me with the way I lead. I also love how there is a lot of self reflection exercises which you normally don't do when you are by yourself. It has helped me change my mindset from jumping straight into solutions to first understanding what is going on. I ask myself, is it me, is it him or is it the situation?."

How has this leadership programme helped you?

"It has helped me with parenting my children and how I communicate with them. When ever there is a problem, I try to control my emotions by understanding the situation, listening, and discussing solutions. The cool thing is that at home, everyone gets involved and we are more connected.

At work, this programme has helped me lead our meetings better and I can see how my staff have become more engaged. I have also been able to teach my Team Leaders what I have been learning in this programme. For example, I taught them about Motivation using the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. I even handed them print outs of it."

What advice would you give people who are thinking about becoming a better leader?

"I actually want my field supervisors and team leaders to do this leadership course. We do have training providers who teach literacy and numeracy to my team but no one actually teaches leadership skills like this. But I would recommend this course to anyone because it's not just about leadership for business, it's also about leadership for life. If you are a parent, rugby coach or business leader, this course can help."


Thinking about developing your team's leadership skills?

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