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Microsoft Excel - Beginners

Zeducation is delivering this course on behalf of Tuputoa and Microsoft.


Learning basic Excel skills is important for the workplace because it allows for efficient data analysis and organization. Excel can automate repetitive tasks and save time, allowing for focus on more important tasks.


Basic Excel skills facilitate collaboration and effective sharing of information with colleagues. These skills are widely recognized and valued in the workplace, making them a valuable asset to have.



6pm - 8pm (2 - hours)



Best For


Funded by Tuputoa and Microsoft for Pasifika and Māori


  • Navigate Excel effectively, including understanding and using key terminology, understanding the Excel interface, and finding and using key features and tools.

  • Use shortcuts and basic formulas to speed up work processes and increase efficiency, including using common keyboard shortcuts, creating simple formulas, and using Excel's built-in functions.

  • Adjust cells and ranges, including formatting cells and ranges, merging and splitting cells, and inserting and deleting rows and columns.

  • Filter and sort datasets to quickly and easily find and analyze data, including using basic filtering and sorting techniques, working with custom filters, and using conditional formatting."

  • Create tables and graphs to visually represent data, including creating and formatting tables, creating different types of graphs, and using charts to analyze data.

"That was awesome! Learned so much for my spread sheets at work. I would definitely recommend.

- Participant

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