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This course empowers learners with key financial knowledge that will assist them in developing a positive relationship with money. Learners will be able to set SMART financial goals and understand key tools and methods to practical budgeting and managing debt.


We encourage our learners to share these skills with their families and friends.


In the workplace or online


Digital Credential: Financial Skills Essentials


2-days (12 hours flexible)

Best For

Anyone who wants to manage their finances better

$1800 + GST

per person (for groups 6+)

  • Your attitude towards money

  • Personal money habits and impacts

  • Setting and achieving personal financial goals

  • How to budget using budget tools and methods

  • The difference between good and bad debt

  • How to manage your debts

  • Attitudes and habits towards money

  • The budgeting process

  • Budgeting tools and methods

  • SMART financial goals

  • PESTEL analysis on financial goals

  • Compound and simple interest

  • Debt management strategies

  • Consumer debt Analysis

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"Money management had always been something I wanted to learn more about. I have a full time job but had always wanted to get a firmer grasp of the financial world. I got that and more. I highly recommend this course for everyone and especially my fellow young professionals."

James Bishop,

Partner Development Manager - Microsoft NZ

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