MONEY smart 

FINancial literacy

"The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you will earn."

- Warren Buffet

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The money smart programme is designed to help learners to develop a positive relationship with money and smart money habits that help them with debt management, budgeting, saving, investing and home ownership.

What you will learn

  • Attitudes towards money

  • Personal money habits and impacts

  • Setting and achieving personal financial goals

  • How to budget using budget tools and methods

  • The difference between good and bad debt

  • How to manage your debts

  • Saving for a home deposit, paying off your mortgage and accessing opportunities for owning your first home

  • Kiwisaver: preparing for retirement

  • Different ways of saving and investing your money

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  • An awareness of personal attitudes and habits towards money

  • Confidence and sense of control over your money

  • Understand various forms of debt management and how it's implications to personal and family life

  • Better understand the process and applications of saving for and owning a home

  • More confidence and understanding of how to prepare for your retirement

  • Understand different ways of effectively investing your money

How it works

  • This is a 10 week programme:

  • 1x workshop each week (average of 2 hours per week).

  • Training can be delivered either onsite or Zoom online. 

  • Learners will be given tasks to implement what they learn throughout the week


"I have gained so much confidence in terms of my financial journey. Our first block of work helped me to look at my attitudes towards money and how my past upbringing has impacted the way I manage money today. I can already see the benefits for my family in the future."

Tupou Moeakiola - Primary School Teacher

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"This has always been something I wanted to learn more about. I have a full time job but had always wanted to get a firmer grasp of the financial world. I got that and more, [Zeducation] have been so patient and caring in teaching myself and the other students. I highly recommend this course."

James Bishop, Account Manager - Xero