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Workplace literacy and numeracy refers to skills employees need to complete everyday tasks at work. 


Employees need these skills to communicate with other people, understand health and safety information, keep accurate records and follow production procedures.


Developing these skills will improve workplace efficiency, productivity and profitability.


In the workplace


Digital Credential: Literacy & Numeracy


25 - 80 hours

Best For

Operational staff looking to build confidence in communicating, reading, writing and numeracy


Funding Panel Dates

8 April 2022

10 June 2022

12 August 2022

14 October 2022

Identifying the problem

When employees can’t read, write, add numbers or measure correctly, it can cost your business. The costs come from higher accident rates, higher staff turnover rates, missed deadlines, unnecessary wastage and mistakes.


Research shows that more than 1.3 million Kiwis fail to meet the level of numeracy and literacy skills necessary for a thriving knowledge-based economy


Nearly 50% of Kiwi adults in the workplace are below the minimum level needed to fully meet all of the everyday demands of modern work and life.

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Need help understanding your staff's literacy and numeracy needs? Contact Zeducation for a free audit. We will help you understand your current needs and how government funding can boost your staff's skills and boost your business.

Solving the problem

Workplace literacy and numeracy training programmes can deliver impressive results. New Zealand employers have noted the following improvements:

  • better oral communication skills

  • improved reading and writing skills to enable correct form-filling and understanding of workplace documentation

  • fewer workplace accidents and a stronger emphasis on safety

  • improved skills in technology, for example, better accuracy in keying in information on a computer

  • increased understanding of workplace processes with a greater emphasis on how each person contributes to quality

  • less absenteeism

  • improved confidence

  • improved quality control.

Watch this inspirational video of HEB Construction and how literacy and numeracy workplace training benefited their staff and their organisation. (video by Diversity Works NZ)