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Most jobs today require at least some basic knowledge of key digital skills. These digital skills are essential for communication and connectivity for both within and outside the workplace.

This course will help learners develop more digital skills and confidence in using emails, navigating the internet, managing passwords and security, avoiding scams, installing and using new apps.


3 days or 18 - hours tailored to your needs


Digital Credential: Digital Skills Essentials


In the workplace

Best For

Learners who have little to no digital experience.

$1800 + GST

per person (for groups 6 - 10)


  • How to use a digital device and software (keyboard and mouse basics)

  • Understand the internet - connect to Wi-Fi, set up email, use search engines and an introduction to websites 

  • How to stay safe online – understand secure versus non-secure sites and manage passwords 

  • Be confident and competent using workplace meeting platforms 

  • Use the internet/digital devices to gather information and connect with others 

  • Use computer technology to create and deliver a presentation 


"The Zeducation team are amazing at what they do. They are easy to communicate with, efficient, and flexible. They tailored their program to suit the needs of our organisation and staff. The facilitators are extremely talented. We have staff from diverse backgrounds and the team was not only patient and captivated, but also looked forward to coming to the next sessions."

Hayley Taotua,

General Manager at Te Anua Nua Trust

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