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"Self-confidence begins with self-discovery."


This 1-day programme is designed to help individuals build more self-confidence and assertiveness in both their professional and personal lives. When people are more assertive, then they become better at communicating, connecting with others, using their strengths to solve problems and making effective decisions.


In the workplace or online


Digital Credential: Development Skills Essentials


1-day (7-hours)

Best For


$800 + GST

per person (for groups 6+)

What you will learn

  • What self-confidence and assertiveness means

  • Tool and techniques for building more self-confidence

  • How to be more assertive in the workplace

  • How your personal values help you build more self-confidence

  • How to lead with your strengths

  • How to be an assertive listener

  • How to develop a growth-mindset for dealing with self-doubt


  •  Self-confidence & assertiveness

  • The 4 communication styles

  • Self-doubt and how to overcome it

  • Leading with your core values

  • Discovering and leading with your strengths

  • Active listening

  • Positive growth mindset

  • Leveraging digital confidence for better opportunities

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"I enjoyed the whole workshop. What we learned today is priceless. No money in the world can buy this experience. What really hit me hard was the personal values exercise. If you look after your values, they will look after you."

Ihipera Happy, Tuputoa Navigator

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Assertiveness & Self-Confidence
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