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Foundations of Prompt Engineering: A.I Chat GPT



Want to learn how to make AI work better for your projects, work or business? Look no further – our workshop on Prompt Engineering is here!

Prompt engineering is all about crafting clear and effective instructions or questions that make AI tools, like ChatGPT, give you the answers you want.


This short workshop is designed for anyone interested in AI, from creative content creators and educators to marketing experts and tech enthusiasts. You'll gain the skills and knowledge to communicate effectively with AI tools like ChatGPT, making your work smarter and more efficient.


6pm - 8pm (2 - hours)


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Funded by Tuputoa and Microsoft


  • Grasp the Basics of AI and Prompt Engineering, laying a strong foundation for understanding.

  • Acquire expertise in our Six-Step Formula for Crafting Powerful AI Prompts, ensuring you can harness AI's potential effectively.

  • Cultivate an ethical awareness in the Ethical Application of AI Prompting, making responsible and impactful use of AI a priority.

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