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Thank you for applying for our Level 3 Introduction to Team Leadership: NZ Certificate in Business.

Before we can accept you into the programme, it is important that you learn more about the requirements and expectations of the Leadership Programme.

All you need to do is follow the 3 steps below. Once we have received your enrolment form and processed it, we will then contact you to confirm your place into our the Leadership programme.

Start your enrolment process by scrolling down to begin.


Watch the Full Video



Download and complete Enrolment Form


Email your completed enrolment form and a copy of your ID to

Proof of ID: Must either be a copy of your Passport or Birth Certificate

Click to here to email your completed enrolment form.


Please attach the following to the emails:

  • Your completed Enrolment Form

  • A copy of your Passport or Birth Certificate (No Driver's License).

Final Step

Await for confirmation

Once you have successfully emailed your completed enrolment form to us, we will then take care of the rest.
We will contact you once we have processed your enrolment form.
Thank you again for applying for the Level 3 Introduction to Team Leadership: Certificate in Business.
Best Regards,
The Zeducation Team
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