Our mission is to help people unleash their greatness through high quality training and education. When people bring forward their strengths and greatness into everything that they do, they will be able to do more for themselves, their families and their workplace.

Our Zeducators (trainers) are qualified and experienced facilitators who deliver training that is tailored to you and your organisation's needs.


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Zeducation is led by the Haufano brothers, Pasi and Kalolo, who are on a mission to help people "unleash their greatness" through education.
The Haufano brothers were raised in South Auckland by humble Pacific Island parents who instilled in them a growth mindset. With over 15+ years of combined education and business leadership experience, and teaching hundreds of students, these brothers have decided to team up and bring forward all their skills and passion to serve others.

Pasitaua Haufano (Left) and Kalolo Haufano (Right)

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"Pasitaua is an influencer teacher, he can comprehend a complex topic into smaller modules and present the idea in a manner that everyone understands. I hope to work with Zeducation in the near future."

Dr Binny Paul, Lead Full Stack Developer at Watercare Services Limited

Tupou Moeakiola - Primary School Teacher

"I have gained so much confidence in terms of my financial journey. Our first block of work helped me to look at my attitudes towards money and how my past upbringing has impacted the way I manage money today. I can already see the benefits for my family in the future."

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"This has always been something I wanted to learn more about. I have a full time job but had always wanted to get a firmer grasp of the financial world. I got that and more, [Zeducation] have been so patient and caring in teaching myself and the other students. I highly recommend this course."

James Bishop, Account Manager - Xero